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Natural Expressions - Natural Hair Care


Beauty Salon & Services



MONDAY - FRIDAY: 9AM - 7PM SATURDAY: 7AM - 7PM SUNDAY --CLOSED Walk- ins are welcomed.....

Welcome to Natural Expressions & Neighbors Care, Inc (NEANCARE), the leader in Natural Hair Styles, Designs and other professional well organized services. Contact us for more Infromation on our well communicated,fast growing and outstanding Services at 703-799-0900 and also through email at or visit our offcial youtube channel by clicking this link or our official facebook business page by clicking here, make sure you like us!.

Natural Expressions & Neighbors Care, Inc is and was founded on the principal of helping others and connecting people to people. We are a friendly encouraged company that enjoys the company of others. We have figured that this idea of helping and maintaining our customers by any means neccessary is what strive us to continue helping our community.

Come see and experience family and loyalty with real life people that will connect you to a more desirable audience that is guaranteed to have you closer than ever before.Visit this Site and navigate your way around with the nagivation button at the top of the page. Enjoy our services. There is a lot needed to be seen and enjoyed. Natural Expressions And Neighbors Care, Inc. Thanks for vsiting us today.

Our well communicated, Fast Growing and Outstanding Professional Services Include: NATURAL HAIR STYLES Cornrows, Twist, and Wraps. Braids, Weaves, Dreads, Relaxers, Dyes, Children's hair care, etc Others include: Support the health of your hair, provide breakage protections and build hair strength.

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